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Native maize (corn) is more nutritious than hybrid maize e.g. it is a rich source of vitamin A.
Native maize (corn) is more nutritious
than hybrid maize.
Niacin-rich foods can easily be grown in vegetable gardens.
Niacin-rich foods can easily be grown
in vegetable gardens.

Vision: To provide a resource center for the nutrition needs among consumers of maize (corn).

Goal: To reduce the disease burden and poverty through better nutrition information.

Objectives: To disseminate nutrition and health information.

Nelly Mmboga About the author: Dr. Nelly M’mboga was born and raised in Kenya. From 1974-1979, she attended Nairobi University where she attained her first Medical Degree. From 1984-1987, she enrolled for a Masters Degree in Pediatrics.

This period was interrupted by an elective term attachment at the Gastro-Enterology Unit of The Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London, where nutrition intervention tools were gleaned, and at Westminster Children’s Hospital, where skills in Family therapy were horned.
Her work description includes Medical Nutrition Therapy in both adults and children, and counseling.

Specialties: Consultant Pediatrician, Nutrition Specialist.

Since leaving government practice in 1987, Dr. Nelly has been engaged in private practice in Nairobi-Kenya. The era of HIV/AIDS provided research challenges for her in the area of nutrition and diet, which made her shift focus from routine pediatric practice. These challenges and research outcomes helped shape the present: the two books by this author are borne out of this research work. While the first book deals with the feeding dilemma imposed by ‘the heritage of maize’, the second book discusses the history, politics, geography and socio-economic impacts associated with maize as dietary staple, in addition to its impacts on systems’ dysfunction. Examples include a weakened immune system which entrenches disease. The work is heavily referenced, deliberately, in order to widen the dialogue on the subject matter.

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