Africans' Malnutrition

  1. Africa’s Malnutrition/Underdevelopment/diseases:The Role of Maize in Kwashiorkor, Marasmus and Pellagra.

    The original web notes under this heading have been replaced. Over the past year, I have received communications from people all over the world commending me for shedding light on the connection between maize and malnutrition. The web notes have therefore served their purpose.

    Lately, I have started to receive feedback from those of you who have read my first book: A HEALTHY YOU: Tame Africa’s Child Malnutrition. In response, I would like to clarify some of the medical issues raised in the book. Therefore I will be highlighting some of these issues in a blog, starting with the information on the back cover and in the contents. See below:

    Table Of Contents

    List of Illustrations




    1. The body - A Biological Machine

    2. Our Changing Food Habits: Consequences for Our Health

    3. A Healing Approach to Living

    4. The need to Breastfeed Our Babies

    5. Win the Weaning Battle

    6. The Physical Environment & Your Baby

    Epilogue: Alien Technologies & Your Health



  2. The Politics, Geography, Economics and Health impacts of Maize in Africa: Poverty, Disease, Deaths.

    The original web notes under this title will be replaced when the book, The Heritage of Maize is Killing Africans: The Kenyan Story becomes available.

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